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7 Reasons Why Your Water Pressure Is Low

Why is water coming out of my faucet so slowly?

Back to the grind! Wake up wash your face and brush your teeth. The waters coming out a bit weak, hmm. Whatever, jump in the shower let the blood start pumping! Wait why is the water pressure so low in the shower? Don't let that low faucet take a bite of your time in the morning, lets fix it


First things first, how big is the issue?


One Faucet-

This could be localized to a one stop problem, maybe its a clogged aerator or a small leak


Whole House-

A littleee more concerning, this could indicate issues with your water boiler or your homes infrastructure piping.


Whole Neighborhood-

This could do with a damage in the city or neighborhoods piping or could be a simply issue like a routine test shut off, check out your city's site or call your local agencies to check out the issue



Who's The Culprit?

Check The Water Heater-

If your cold water is fine but your hot water pressure is low, go straight to the water heater. Check to make sure the shut off valve is not on and isn't slightly off. If that isn't the issue its possible you have some sediment build up in the tank and need a flush out. If you have a tankless water heater you could be experiencing this from high demand, look into adding a second water heater.


Check Your Water Pressure Regulator-

Your Pressure Regulator helps maintain a balanced water flow, if there is a sudden water pressure drop this could indicate its been damaged or stopped working.


Clogged Aerator-

An easy way your faucets especially from your sink get clogged is a clogged aerator. Make sure to occasionally twist the aerator off and do a soak in a water vinegar mixture and brush off built up debris and bacteria.


Track Down Any Leaks-

Low water pressure could be a hnt that you have a leak somewhere any our pipes. A leak can divert the water and considerably lower the pressure. You may be able to identify small leaks like under your sink but turning off all faucets and recording the water meter in your home will be able to tell you if you have a leak. If you do Call us Immediately.


Build Up In Pipes-

Not only can build up begin deep in your pipes, the can also corrode. Pipes can begin to corrode after only 20 years, depending on the type


Closed Valves-

Most homes have 2 shut off valves, a water meter valve and a main shutoff valve, make sure to check both are open


Water Demand-

Every home is different but in some, if every faucet and shower in the home is going at once you'll feel a decrease in water pressure across the board. This can mostly be solved with a little coordination.


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(P.S) If you're thinking of buying a new home, taking note of the health and age of the water heater and the homes pipes is important and should be accounted to in the value of the home


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Shower Green

Now that your water pressure is up, dont take it for granted. You're shower shouldn't last longer than 5-10 minutes. Not only do you begin to strip the natural oils from your skin and dry it out, saving on water is better for your bill and the environment.

The government also gives tax benefits for those who make "greener" improvements to their home


Pipes Galore

New pipes? Consider this:

  • Galvanized steel pipes can last 20 years


  • Copper pipes can last 50 years


  • Brass pipes can last 40 -70 years