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Certified Asbestos Removal Company in Michigan

Safety is our #1 priority.

Can you remove asbestos yourself? Yes, but it’s not recommended. In most cases, removal of asbestos is more dangerous than leaving it alone, and putting your family at risk for cancer and other health problems is not worth it. Asbestos removal, encapsulating, or enclosing requires special handling and should be done by an asbestos removal specialist with the proper training and licensing to do it, like DRYmedic. The DRYmedic asbestos removal team has the proper respirators and protective gear needed for safe removal of asbestos. They also know how to properly seal off the containment area so fibers aren’t released into air ducts and your home is protected. And once the asbestos is removed from your home, your DRYmedic team will decontaminate the room, then transport and dispose of all materials according to EPA regulations.  

Our Asbestos Removal Services Include:

  • Trained and Certified Asbestos Removal Team
  • Seal Off Work Area & Ventilation Systems
  • Proper Containment & Labeling of Asbestos
  • Wet Cleanup Methods
  • HEPA Filter Vacuums & Air Cleaners
  • Safe Disposal of Asbestos Materials
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Helping Michigan Families & Businesses Recover for Over 20 Years With:

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  • 24/7 Emergency Service
  • 1-Hour Response Time
  • Professional, Effective, Efficient
  • IICRC Certified Technicians
  • Industry Knowledge/Experience
  • Insurance Claim Specialists
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What Happens if You Find Asbestos in Your Home?

Call DRYmedic right away for safe containment and removal of asbestos.

If your home was built or remodeled before 1980, there’s a good chance asbestos-based products were used. But don’t panic. The most important thing to remember when dealing with asbestos-based products in your home is to not disturb it. Asbestos based products include carpet underlay, vinyl floor tiles, kitchen backsplashes, wall sheeting, insulation for hot water pipes and tank, insulation, and internal walls and ceilings. So, if you’re planning to DIY some much-needed renovations on your older home, call DRYmedic first. We’ll help you identify and assess your risk for asbestos and whether the best course of action is containment or removal of the materials. DRYmedic is a trusted member of the community and a certified asbestos removal company in Michigan.

For Immediate Help Call: (248) 605-3519