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What Is A Slab Leak?
What Is A Slab Leak? We all know if the foundation of your home is damaged, it's not good...
Home History Lesson: Asbestos
The world and its science changes all the time so of course practices become outdated. Home construction is no different, building codes change all the time! At some point asbestos was used in home construction and now that we know it's harmful to our health is has been removed, but lets take a look into how that changed.
How Old Is Your Home?
There are Pro's and Con's to older homes and new builds that you'll take into consideration when buying a new house. Whether it's a vintage look, garden in the yard, or cozy reading nooks there is a perfect home out there for everyone!
Why Protein Fires are Difficult for Homeowners to Clean Up
Home fires are a terrifying prospect for every homeowner. Protein fires are a type of kitchen fire,...
Do You Still Have a Popcorn Ceiling?
Should It Stay Or Should It Go Popcorn ceilings have had their moment and the trend has been...
Let's Do Some Pre-Spring, Spring Cleaning
Pack Like A Contents Pro One of our divisions here at DRYmedic is the Contents department, they...
Drano Is A No!
Say No To Drano! Drano is infamously marketed as a quick fix solution to clogged drains. They...
Safety Steps to Prevent Home Fires This Winter and Spring
According to the National Fire Protection Association, an average of 346,800 U.S. homes are damaged...
What Do Restoration Companies Really Do After A Flood?
What Do Restoration Companies Really Do After A Flood? We pride oursleves on being a one stop...
Top Tips for Dealing with Dangerous Ice Dams
Your home’s roof can keep your home efficient, safe, and comfortable for over five decades,...
We Made A Home Maintenance Checklist So You Don't Have To
What has to get done, How often and Why? We've talked a bit about winter maintenance but...
7 Reasons Why Your Water Pressure Is Low
Wait why is the water pressure so low in the shower? Don't let that low faucet take a bite of your time in the morning, lets fix it
New Year, New You
Another year gone and a new one begins. As we adapt and work with our new changes we also have to put the focus back into our own lives, and the new year is the perfect time to reset those goals!
Be Merry and Safe This Christmas
We're here to make sure your Christmas goes safe and smooth this year.
Talk To Your Kids About Your Emergency Plan
Emergencies are called emergencies for a reason, you never know when one can happen and the immediate actions you take can be critical. The older and wiser you get the more exposure you may have. The least experienced (sometimes more careless) members of your home- your kids may not know what to do.
Viral TikTok Cleaning Tips That Do and Don't Work
One of the biggest categories of videos within the TikTok app is based specifically on cleaning and has over 3 billion views. From tips for unclogging you're sink with ice to full hoarder home cleanup, they've captivated an audience.
How To Prevent Your Pipes From Freezing
Once the temperature drops to 32 degrees water begins to freeze and at 20 degrees celsius your pipes begin to freeze. As ice expands and the pipe freezes, pressure is the main villain in this situation. The pressure of the pipe increasing quickly is what makes it burst
How To Save On Your Heat Bill This Winter
Time To Start Fighting Over The Thermostat The temperature is dropping and we're all...
It's Fire and Smoke Damage Season
Fire and smoke damage can cause extreme harm to your family's lives and your home.
Do You Know If You Have Mold In Your Home Right Now?
Did you know 50% of homes in the United States have mold in them at this very moment, is yours one of them? By preventing water damage you also prevent mold growth, with some small precautions you can save yourself hundreds of dollars, hours of your precious time, and avoid risking the health of your family.

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