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Disasters can strike at any moment, leaving your property vulnerable and your well-being at risk. In these critical moments, knowing what to do can make all the difference. At DRYmedic of Salem, we understand the urgency of swift action, and we're here to guide you through the essential steps to take when disaster strikes.

1. Stay Calm and Assess the Situation:

The first and most crucial step is to stay calm. Take a moment to assess the situation and ensure your safety. If it's a fire, prioritize evacuation. For water damage, identify the source and try to contain it if possible.

2. Contact Emergency Services:

Dial emergency services immediately. Whether it's a fire, flood, or another emergency, getting professional help on the way is paramount. Provide clear details about the situation and follow their instructions.

3. Ensure Safety First:

Prioritize safety for yourself and others. Evacuate the premises if necessary and move to a safe location. If there are hazards, such as downed power lines or structural damage, keep a safe distance.

4. Document the Damage:

While waiting for emergency responders, document the damage. Take photos or videos if it's safe to do so. This documentation will be invaluable for insurance claims and restoration efforts.

5. Reach Out to DRYmedic:

Once everyone is safe, contact DRYmedic for immediate assistance. Our 24/7 emergency response team is ready to deploy, equipped with the expertise and technology to address a range of disasters, from water and fire damage to biohazard cleanup.

6. Follow Safety Protocols:

If the disaster involves biohazards, follow safety protocols. Avoid contact with contaminated areas and wait for our trained professionals to handle the cleanup. Your safety is our top priority.

7. Insurance Claims Assistance:

After the immediate threat has been addressed, we'll assist you in navigating the insurance claims process. Our team will work closely with you to document the damage and communicate with your insurance company to ensure a smooth and efficient claims process.

8. Begin the Restoration Process:

Once the immediate dangers are mitigated, we'll begin the restoration process. Our comprehensive services cover everything from water and fire damage restoration to mold remediation and contents cleaning. Trust us to restore your property to its pre-loss condition.

Disasters are unpredictable, but your response doesn't have to be. With DRYmedic by your side, you can navigate emergencies with confidence. Call us at (503) 451-5471 for immediate assistance. Remember, when disaster strikes, DRYmedic is here to be your beacon of hope and restoration.