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If the wood surfaces in your attic has black stains, call us. 

Any discoloration on the wood surfaces in your attic is almost certainly an indication of an impending mold problem. Couple that with the smell of mildew and you definitely have mold in your attic. In addition to fixing the root cause of your attic mold, the OSHA certified DRYmedic attic mold remediation team will safely, effectively, and completely remove your attic mold and restore the space to the dry, airy space it needs to be. Could you kill the mold yourself with household chemicals? Maybe, but why take chances? DRYmedic is Michigan’s leading attic mold removal company and one of the few who can identify and correct the root cause.

Leading causes of attic mold:

  • Roof leaks
  • Wet attic insulation
  • Improper attic ventilation
  • Bathroom fans exhausting into attic 
  • Dryer fans exhausting into attic
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Do you have a mold problem or moisture problem?

In the case of attic mold, the answer is both.

Truth is, unless you live in a bubble, every home has some amount of mold in it. And it’s not really a problem until you add excessive moisture. Have you ever noticed a little mold in the corners of your window where condensation occurs? It’s not usually there in the summer, when the windows are open and the air is cool and dry. It shows up when we add heat and humidity to our home- creating ideal conditions for mold to bloom. Your attic environment is not much different. Attics are naturally hot in the summer and cold in the winter. But they should be dry. If your attic is steamy in the summer and clammy in the winter, you have a moisture problem. And you know what excessive moisture causes- mold problems. The good news is a mold problem in your attic isn’t cause to panic. When caught early enough, mold remediation won’t cost you a fortune. And if you choose DRYmedic to fix your attic mold problem, fixing your moisture problem won’t either. 

For Immediate Help Call: (248) 605-3519