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Common Fire Hazards in Your Home

Did you know that there could be numerous fire risks in your home, and most of the time, you may not even be aware that they exist? This can be dangerous to say the least, especially if you have a young family. If you want to limit danger where possible, then here are some of the top fire risks you may experience in your home or your basement.

Utility Appliances

Your basement is normally the backbone of your property. It will contain all of the equipment you need to keep your home warm, and also cool it down. You may also find that this is where all of your wires and key pipes are as well. Some properties also have a furnace and a water heater as well. Consistent maintenance is crucial if you want to keep everything in good shape while also limiting the possibility of a fire.

Fuse Box Fires

If your property is quite old, then there is a high chance that you will have a fuse box, over a circuit breaker. A fuse box is a fire hazard purely because it is not designed to handle the amount of electricity your home is probably using. If you put the wrong fuse into your fuse box, then this can also be a fire hazard. With a lot of basements experiencing water leaks as well, it is not difficult to see how this could result in a house fire. Although basement house fires can be contained, you will still need to hire a restoration service to limit smoke damage.

Dryer Fire

A lot of new properties have laundry rooms upstairs, but if you have an older home then you may find that your washer and your dryer are set up in the basement. You may also find that the only time you end up going down there is to get the laundry done. It goes without saying that you have to empty your lint trap after every load you do. Removing any clogs from your dryer vents is also important. Dryers can overheat if this is not done, to the point where it can cause a fire. Lint is very flammable, and up to 15,500 fires are caused every year by clothes dryers.


Cooking is actually the leading cause of house fires. It’s very easy for a tiny bit of oil to escape the pan, but it is possible for you to limit the fire damage done by simply making sure that you clean your oven and your stove on a regular basis. Keep any flammable objects away from heat sources and also ensure that you have a fire extinguisher nearby if a fire does break out. If you have had a kitchen fire in the past, a restoration service should be able to help. A fire restoration service can help you to eliminate smoke damage as well as helping you to take the right steps to stop the same issue from happening again in the future.

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