Fire & Water Damage Restoration in Sterling Heights, Michigan

If your home or business has been damaged by a fire, a flood, or a leak, there's a lot to worry about. From mold growth to sewage backup to smoke damage, the whole ordeal leaves you feeling overwhelmed and hopeless. Luckily, help is at your fingertips. DRYmedic is a locally owned and operated full-service restoration company serving southeast Michigan, including Sterling Heights, Warren, Macomb Township, Fraser, Centerline, and more. We provide fast flooded basement cleanup, fire and water damage restoration, and other emergency services for residential and commercial properties. 

Our team of experts is available to guide you through the restoration process. We do it all, including setting up lighting, dumpsters, and emergency power sources to ensure each job is completed safely and thoroughly. 

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Emergency Water & Fire Damage Cleanup in Sterling Heights, MI

When you call DRYmedic for help, we arrive on the scene as soon as possible. There, our team will assess the damage, provide an estimate, and quickly begin the restoration process. In addition to complete reconstruction for fire damage and water damage, we also specialize in basement flooding repair and mold remediation.

Restoration work includes:

  • Restore properties

  • Clean up soot damage

  • Eliminate smoke odors

  • Mold remediation service

  • Structural drying procedures for foundation walls and foundation floor

  • Sewer backup cleanup and odor removal

  • Cutting out tree roots that may interfere with sewer lines

  • Water extraction/water removal with professional flood vac

  • Drainage system inspection and preventative maintenance

Fire & Water Damage Restoration for Residential & Commercial Properties

Storms and flood damage aren't the only water damage that can cause harm. A burst pipe, overflowing toilet, and other unpleasant surprises can wreak havoc on a home or business. 

When an accident like this happens, you must act immediately to prevent a total loss.

Fortunately, DRYmedic is a trusted leader offering restoration services to both commercial and residential customers in Sterling Heights. When you call DRYmedic, we begin the drying process immediately to reduce the risk of mold growth and start your restoration off on the right foot. We can also perform necessary repairs for walls, kitchens, garages, floors, electrical wiring, and more. 

With just one call, DRYmedic provides complete commercial disaster recovery. Reach out now.

Full-Service Water & Flood Restoration Process for Home or Basement Flooding

  1. 24/7 emergency service, 1-hour response time

  2. Free assessments and free estimates

  3. Cleanup, sanitation, and reconstruction

  4. IICRC certified technicians

  5. Our insurance claims specialists work with your insurance company

Fire Damage Restoration Services

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), in 2020, there was a fire somewhere in the United States every 23 seconds.

1.4 million fires caused nearly $22 billion in property damage, leaving families displaced and devastated.

As restoration specialists, we act fast. Within an hour of your call, fire damage estimators arrive on-site to assess the damage. From there, we are able to determine what can be salvaged and what will need to be replaced.

You may also need to file a water or fire damage insurance claim, so we take photographs to document the damages and outline necessary repairs for the insurance company.

DRYMedic's Total Fire Restoration Process Includes:

  • Fire damage assessment

  • Fire damage restoration

  • Emergency board-ups

  • Debris removal

  • Smoke damage restoration

  • Smoke/odor abatement

  • Contents cleaning

  • Electronics cleaning

  • Property restoration

Recovering from smoke and fire damage requires specialized chemicals and equipment. Even in spaces that did not catch fire, residual heat can still warp surfaces. Some fires can only be extinguished using specific chemicals. Without treatment, the odors of soot and smoke will linger.

At DRYmedic, we know how to address all of these issues and more. If your space has been damaged by fire or smoke, we can help. Our free property assessment will help you get started on the road to fire damage restoration. Contact us today to get the help you need.

From Electrical Fires to Basement Floods, We Work with Your Insurance Company to File Damage Claims

Any fire or flood event is stressful and tragic, but DRYmedic aims to get you back to normal as quickly as possible.

With decades of restoration experience, we are prepared to assist you with everything from fire and water damage insurance claims processing to full recovery and reconstruction.

Once you get in touch, we will assess your damage and give you an accurate restoration estimate. We can also help you review your flood insurance policy, homeowners insurance policy, or other applicable coverage to appropriately file a claim and get you the money you deserve. Our job isn’t done unless our clients are 100% satisfied!

Sewer Backup, Storm Damage, & Water Damage Restoration Services in Sterling Heights, Michigan

Are you dealing with a flooded basement, roof leak, or other forms of water damage? Considerable damage and safety risks may arise, even if you have floor drains and/or sump pumps in place. For example, mold begins to invade porous materials (like drywall) within just 24 hours, and sanitary sewer backup introduces harmful bacteria to your living space.

To prevent future headaches like mold growth and rotting wood, call in a water damage restoration company as soon as possible. The DRYMedic team is licensed and certified by the IICRC and NAMP for mold remediation and removal services in Sterling Heights, Michigan. Contact us now for help.

DRYMedic's Water Restoration Service Includes:

1. Thorough Moisture Mapping

To determine the extent of the water damage, we first inspect the damaged area with both non-penetrating and penetrating moisture meters. We also measure the hydrostatic pressure.

2. Signing the Emergency Work Order Agreement

Before we can begin work and bill the insurance company, the homeowner or business owner will be responsible for reviewing and signing an Emergency Work Order Agreement. No deductible is due at this time.

3. Dry Down

To restore the space to as close to its pre-loss condition as possible, DRYmedic's cleanup plan incorporates a variety of proven industry techniques:

  • Opening up affected ceilings and walls

  • Placing dehumidifiers throughout affected area

  • Removal of porous/hazardous wet materials

  • Removal of standing water with wet vac

  • Removal of mold, wet carpeting, wet padding, and wet insulation

  • Prevention of mold growth by application of eco-friendly antimicrobial agents

  • Drilling drainage holes in walls

4. Monitoring Moisture Levels

How long does it take to dry out a flooded basement? Drying time will vary from case to case, but we generally use our water remediation equipment on-site for three to five days. Adjustments may be made as we continue to check the moisture levels. Before we leave, our team conducts a thorough inspection of the affected areas and a final moisture test to prevent mold growth and ensure the drying process is complete.

5. Preparing an Estimate

Most insurance policies do not require estimates upfront. This allows us to begin repairs ASAP. Within 24 hours, DRYmedic will determine how much work is needed and provide you with an estimate.

For Emergency Cleanup After Sewer Line Cracks, Storm Damage, or House Fires, Call DRYMedic

When disaster strikes, get immediate assistance from DRYMedic. We're here to help you pick up the pieces. With years of experience here in Sterling Heights, our industry experts ensure a smooth and quick restoration process. Contact us today to receive a free estimate!