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Memorial Weekend Done Right

Memorial day's history is one of pure American pride and gratitude, and most of us celebrate it every year! It means a long weekend, seeing family, and having fun in the sun. We want you to have a safe Memorial Day this year, so here's some ways to celebrate safely!


It's a great day to hit the grill and serve up some burgers to the family, always minimize the risk of a grill fire by moving it away from the home, always monitor it, and keep a water spray bottle near to control flare ups.


Firework Safety-

Always make sure the adults are in charge of lighting fireworks, keep far away from them after being lit, and do not point them in any directions that could hurt someone. Also, just like grilling- keep water and a fire extinguisher near to have in case of a fire.


Meal Prep-

  • Wash hands regularly
  • Keep knives /cutting boards/etc. used for raw meat separate from all others
  • Prep as much as possible
  • Use marinades
  • Make freezer meals
  • If it can sit in the fridge overnight, make it the night before
  • Prep salads and add dressing it right before serving
  • Mix any non-alcoholic drinks or cocktails


  • Go to the grocery store early!
  • Prep the serving table ahead of time, add tablecloths, decor, and make sure everything will fit



Water Safety-

Memorial Day is usually the first day of public pools being open which of course makes it one of the busiest pool days. Make sure all kids have age appropriate floaties and safety jackets if they're on a boat and kids should be supervised at all times. 


Food in the Sun-

You've probably heard this before, but leaving egg based food in the sun can make you very sick. Potato salad, chicken salad, deviled eggs, and coleslaw are all mayo based dishes that can spoil quickly in the heat, so it's important to keep them chilled. Keep them inside if possible and while they're outside keep them in the shade. A quick tip is to use a double insulated system, put a small aluminum tray into a bigger one filled with ice water to make a makeshift fridge.


Lake Life


  • Everyone on the boat should have and wear a life jacket
  • Prepare for changing weather conditions
  • Make sure boating license is updated
  • Drive slow!
  • Jet ski, kayak, and swim in safe areas of the lake
  • Watch out- there are many drunk boat drivers on holidays, stay alert



Drink Responsibly


Hot dogs, burger buns, and beer are the grocery stores most sold items during this weekend so we know you may indulge in some adult beverages on Monday. Always drink responsibly and make sure you have a safe, sober driver at the end of the celebration. No ride?  AAA tow to go offers free rides home this Memorial Day

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