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Take A Dip In The Pool

The pool is where everyone wants to be in the summer heat, a place to gather on holidays, and to just relax in. Maintaining your pool to keep it in balance is very important and without doing the upkeep you can't have all those enjoyable moments. Let's learn how to take care of your pool the right way.

Pool Safety-

Pool safety doesn't have an age limit, make sure all children have correct flotation devices and are supervised at all times. If you own a pool, make sure to have safety precautions in place and remember to have safety tools in a convenient and accessible spot.


Above Ground or Below?-

Above ground poolscost less because they don't require any construction, but they are also the safer option, especially if you have children or pets. Since they have walls you have to climb into them, you can't really just fall in. In ground pools are a better investment to your property and are much more customizable. 


Public Pools-

If you don't have your won pool, the public pool is a great way to entertain the family and cool off. There are a few concerns with public pools, but one of them is definitely the cleanliness. Every pool asks you to rinse off and shower before entering and this is really so that any bacteria washes off you before going into the communal pool, where it can affect others so do it for the good of everyone! Safety in public pools is a concern as well, this year there are a shortage of life guards so never assume someone else is looking at your children, keep an eye out.


Mold and Bacteria in the Water-

If you own a pool keeping it clean is the basics of maintaining  pools can house many types of bacteria that can be dangerous to your health. White water mold is a fungus that grows in water and could be living in your pool. Make sure to use the proper chemicals or to hire a pool maintenance company to keep the pool balanced and clean. You yourself can use a pool vacuum to keep up maintained and get any loose debris that maybe in the water.


Tool Kit-

We made a list of everything you need to start as a pool owner 



(P.S) If you are thinking of selling your home, consider that an inground pool can increase your selling value by 5-8%

Drink Up Michigan


Michigan has changed the law to allow alcoholic beverages to be sold at public pools. Governor Gretchen Whitmer has passed this legislation to help bring more revenue to the hospitality industry and up tourism.

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