Your bathrooms take a lot of wear and tear over the years and an updated bathroom is one of the things many buyers are looking for in a new home. Trends definitely come and go for bathrooms, but there are some classic designs that stand the test of time.

Shower Vs. Tub-

There's been a high trend ofstand alone bathtubscoming back and those who do have a shower are pumping it up. Shower trends includedcolored tileandtile patternsas well as therainforest-esque multiple shower heads. Even better, is a combination of both! Making a "wet room" and placing your tub in a large shower is all over the place recently.


Some current trends in bathroom lighting are favoringwarm yellow lighting, bulb shaped fixtures, and hidden lighting that resembles lighting in chic boutiques such asled strips under cabinets. Lighting is a part of the bathroom where you can make a style statement that can still stay through changing trends. For the makeup do-ers lighting is important because your face can look completely different depending on the light, that's why many opt for a changingled light mirror.

Minimalism Vs. Maximalism-

In the past 5-10 years minimalism has been the trend; grey walls, Swedish influence, open layouts, and emphasis on hidden organization have been all over. Even with theme changes such as boho and farmhouse, minimalism has still been at the core of home design for a while now. Those who love it, love it but recently there's been a shift to what's called Maximialism- the use of more of a full or cluttered look, bright color and "matched mismatch". Bathrooms specifically have been an area people have been showing some creativity recently such as abstract shaped fixtures and lighting, colored tile, wood features and many more.

Can You Do It Yourself-

You know the ability of your skills, but don't underestimate yourself, you can do a lot more than you think in the bathroom. Nowadays watching a video onYouTubecan teach you just about anything. Always make sure you have the appropriate tools, safety equipmentand do your research ahead of time before trying something new.

Heated Floors-

This is one of the better new inventions of recent years. This may require aprofessionalto come and install, butheated floorsare on the up and up. They have been popular inkitchens, garages and now bathrooms because who wants cold feet first thing in the morning. If this project is too costly or doesn't work in your bathroom, considerheated bath mats!

The Toilet.-

Ok, let's discuss the toilet, more specifically the bidet. TheUnited States is way behind on this but seems like we may be catching on. Throughout history and even the modern world using a water system or bidet when using the bathroom is the standard. Using a bidet is gentler and morehygienicthan toilet paper and costs less in the long run. Toilets with bidets installed are worth the investment, but if its not in your current budget there's alarge range of options

(P.S) If you are thinking of selling yourhome thebathroom and the kitchen are the number one features new buyers look at


Shower Doors

Another change that has come is that people have begun to favor glass shower doors over curtains. One thing people may have forgotten is that shower doors have many crooks and crannies for mold to hide in so just keep that in mind when it comes to maintenance.


Quick Fixes

  • Colored Decor and Towels
  • Painting The Walls
  • New Mirrors
  • Adding Lighting

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