It Only Takes A Little Water Damage To Create Hidden Mold In Your Home!

Did you know 50% of homes in the United States have mold in them at this very moment, is yours one of them? By preventing water damage you also prevent mold growth, with some small precautions you can save yourself hundreds of dollars, hours of your precious time, and avoid risking the health of your family. Mold can start to grow on a damp surface within 24 to 48 hours but doesn't become visible to the naked eye till about 18 days,because of the nature mold grows in, it can easily hide in cracks and behind walls.

Mold Affects Your Families Health


How do you know if you even have mold?

Mold isn't just on the walls, its in the air of your home. Mold reproduces using small spores that float in the air. Water must be present for mold to grow, so the dryer your house the better. We always suggest calling a professional to help remove mold because of the health risks it has. The DRYmedic team uses a process that physically and chemically removes mold so we eliminate the possibility of new growth in the area.

The warning signs of mold are:

  • A musty, earthy scent
  • Warping, cracking, or peeling of the area
  • Coloration continuously growing
  • Recent standing water
  • Residents begin experiencing allergies
  • Grout between tiles is dark

(P.S) If you are looking at buying a new home always look for these signs to make sure no mold is present from previous owners

What can you do:

Small amounts of mold can be removed using bleach or cleaning products but because of the nature mold grows in it can easily hide in cracks and behind walls. Contacting professionals is always suggested because of the experience we have and to make sure 100% of it is gone.


  • Conducts safe removal and remediation of mold
  • Determines the cause of mold
  • Accurately asses damages
  • Provides content cleaning and restoration
  • Accurate air quality testing

We are IIRC and OSHA Certified and ready to help!