Say No To Drano!

Drano is infamously marketed as a quick fix solution to clogged drains. They easily prey on younger and inexperienced homeowners, but we're her not tell you no more Drano! We'll show you why it's so bad and what to do instead.

What's In It?-

The majority of the ingredient list is unfamiliar chemicals.Lye is a main ingredient in Drano and decomposes physical matter in your pipes. Aluminum in the product reacts with the lye and causes the temperature to rise to accelerate the decomposition.

How Does It Work?

It claims to be an easy fix since you just pour it down the drain and let it do its "magic". When you pour it down the drain and let it sit, it increases the temperature and eats away at whatever is clogging your drain and eating away at it till it is small enough to go down.

Bad For Your Pipes-

it's corrosive elements don't only decompose the physical matter clogging up the pipe, they corrode the pipe themselves.The rise is temperature causes PVP pipes to melt as well as any glue holding parts of your pipe together. Toilets specifically take a lot of damage from Drano because porcelain cracks under high temps.

Bad For The Environment-

It all goes somewhere right? When Drano enters your cities water system it has a strong effect, it can kill many plants and animals that come in contact with it due to the toxic chemicals.

Temporary Fixes-

Although it may seem like a quick and cheap fix, frequent clogging means there may be a bigger hidden issue. If you pour Drano down a drain and notice it clogs again, stop using it and call a plumber.

What Should You Actually Do-

You can use a plunger or drain snake to free up matter in your drains. They are both relatively cheap and easy to use. Snaking a drain in a shower or sink can often pull up a big culprit, hair!

(P.S) If you are moving in to a new house, have a plumber come in to inspect your pipes and drains. They can clear any clogs from previous owners and help you start on the right foot


All Natural

Instead of using harsh chemicals anywhere in your home look for more natural alternatives. Baking soda, vinegar, and hot water are a good natural remedy for clogs. Mom's natural remedies never go wrong!


Pipes Gone Bad

  • Pipes made of better materials can last 80-100 years but lower quality pipes such as PVP only last about 25 years
  • Every damaging thing you do to your pipes shortens this lifespan
  • Even if the pipes last long some of their parts may use concrete, glue, and other materials that can be easily damaged