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Did you know that ten years ago, the topic of how to handle your items that were ruined in a claim was nearly nonexistent?

When we talk about contents in a claim, what are we referring to? One way to explain it is if you turned your house upside down, the items that are not attached to the home would fall out. Those are the contents that could be replaced, but some people dont know that! Whatever contents have been affected by the loss in the home, the damage would be assessed, then the contents could be covered under your insurance policy to replace, when you make a claim.

10 years ago, many contractors didnt offer a contents department; and insurance adjusters didnt have a model to follow, regarding contents. There was literally no industry standards when it came to dealing with contents ten years ago. Nor was there training that was offered for companies that did want to offer a contents department.

When the financial collapse happened in the building industry around the year 2009, we saw construction companies take an interest in restoration jobs to help save themselves from bankruptcy. Unfortunately, having the skills to build a beautiful home isnt enough to be a grade A restoration company. Construction companies lacked the training of how to handle the cleaning efforts when a flood or fire occurred.

When Katrina devastated many families, we saw the insurance companies put a lot more pressure on adjusters to be more fiscally driven. This led to many adjusters not wanting to deal with the cleaning of contents, and it caused an increased pressure on homeowners to take a cash-out payment for their items.

Thankfully, in recent years, these standards have begun to change. Now, homeowners and insurance adjusters are given a better understanding of how important content restoration is to the overall success of a restoration job.

At DRYmedic Restoration Services, we provide five-star service in our contents department; we have the testimonials and five-star reviews to prove it. But, good quality service doesnt stop there. We also provide top-notch service within our mitigation and reconstruction departments as well. With over 6 years in the restoration industry, we have found that people appreciate good customer service and dependability more than anything. And over top of that, we provide services to keep their precious belongings safe, working closely with the insurance adjuster to get the value they deserve for their damaged items.

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