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Based on research conducted between the years of 2009 to 2017, there are around 358,500 fires every year.

The most common places that fires may occur are:


These fires mostly happen during the hours of 5 pm & 8 pm.

When preparing dinner keep these items in mind:

If you have a grease fire Do Not attempt to put it out with water! Use a fire extinguisher or baking soda.
Always be attentive when cooking. It takes no more then 30 seconds for a fire to get out of control.
Always remember to turn the stove and appliances off as soon as you finish cooking.
Keep all flammable objects away from hot surfaces. Your oven mitts will go up in flames!
Be aware that baggy clothing may get in the way and catch fire.
When you grill even though your outside keep the grill 10 ft away from your home and any vegetation in your yard.

Heating Equipment:

Heating equipment is the culprit for house fires 13% of the time.

Prevent this by:

Inspecting and cleaning woodstoves and chimneys.
Using a fireplace screen.
Having your hot water heater and furnace serviced regularly.
Keep space heaters away from walls, drapes, and bedding.

Electrical Equipment:

6% of house fires are caused by Electrical Equipment.

Prevent this by checking for:

Frayed wires.
Surge marks in wires.
Damaged Cords.
If you see exposed wires, unplug the electronic and replace it immediately.
Keep cords away from furniture and rugs.
Remember its not safe to run a cord under carpet.


5.8% of house fires happen due to negligence.

Some examples of carelessness that may start a fire includes:

Not putting out cigarettes.
Leaving candles burning.
Putting heating equipment near combustible items.
Overuse of appliances.
Disabling smoke or CO detectors.

Open Flame:

Around 4% of all fires are caused by an open flame. Candles, fireplace fires, and outdoor bonfires can become disastrous when they arent controlled.

To prevent an out of control fire remember to:

Always put out flames completely.
Dont have a bonfire on a windy day.
Keep the flames away from items that are flammable.


4% of fires are caused from appliances.

To decrease your chances of a malfunctioning appliance that catches fire consider this:

Making sure its approved by the Underwriters Laboratories.
That its functioning properly and not plugged into an extension cord or 2-slot outlet.
Unplug all your electronics whenever you leave for vacation.


Even with Arson being a felony, 4.2% of all house fires are set intentionally.


Cigarettes are the culprit of 2% of all house fires!


Mother nature is the cause of 1.6% of house fires. Wildfires and lightning are unavoidable, but they also have the lowest percentage of causing house fires.

You can prevent most fires by being more careful and mindful of your surroundings.

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