All homes can experience flood and fire damage, among other unwelcome issues, but some properties are at greater risk than others. This is the case for many Michigan homeowners, who, thanks to an architectural quirk, have to contend with an increased risk of flooding and water damage.

A Michigan basement sounds harmless enough but can pose additional risk to homeowners. These basements are actually former crawl spaces that have been dug out, resulting in around five to seven feet of empty space which, while somewhat functional as a basement, can lead to humidity, mold, and smell issues.

They differ from other basements in that they were not originally intended to be used as a basement. Other below-deck spaces elsewhere in the country were designed with that particular function in mindin Michigan and surrounding states, the basement was created from another space and thus lacks some of the structural integrity and security we associate with basements.

While its not ideal to have a Michigan basement, you can ensure that it doesnt negatively impact your property by implementing the tips we outline below. And remember, if you do have an issue with your basement or other issues such as smoke damage, you can always hire a restoration company such as DryMedic, which offers the best restoration service in the state.

How to Care For Your Michigan Basement

A Michigan basement is at increased risk of water damage, but its not guaranteed. You can do your part to prevent future damage by being on the lookout for any signs that water is exerting your property. You may also consult with an expert who will look for vulnerable spots and make recommendations for making them watertight.

How to Prevent Flooding

You dont have to sit and wait for your Michigan basement to fill with water before you leap into action. There are things you can do before this happens. One of the most effective methods is interior waterproofing. This is the process of sealing up any cracks where water may enter and installing a sump pump, which will help to direct water that could be on its way to your basement away from your home. In extreme cases, you may require a foundation replacement, which can be costly but can ensure that your home is well-protected from the threat of flooding.

If you do find that you have water in your basement, then get in touch with DryMedic, an experienced local company that can help with all manner of issues that affect Michigan homes, including getting rid of excess water, fire restoration, and water restoration.

How Flooding Damage Can Affect Your Home

Michiganders should take the threat of flooding seriously because of the harm it can cause a property. Even light flooding can result in structural and electrical damage, plus damage to your major appliances. Its important to handle flooding straight away to eliminate the risk of mold and mildew forming, too.

Michigan has a lot going for it but its basements can be problematic. Take the proper precautions, and you can ensure that inclement weather doesnt negatively impact your home.

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