Knock Knock, It's Spring

Now that the weather is taking a turn, everyone has the cleaning spirit. It's time to get down and dirty and do the real spring cleaning. Sometimes when dirt is out of site and out of mind, we forget all the little things we have to clean. Which is why we made you a spring cleaning checklist!

Blue and White Striped Checklist.png

Restock Supplies-

Have all yourcleaning suppliesin one place or even in a caddy to take with you around the house!Restock all itemsso nothing stops you in the middle of cleaning and make sure to get extra sponges and rags for miscellaneous tasks.

Schedule It Out-

Of course we'd all like to keep it to one day of cleaning, but that can be overwhelming and cause you to procrastinate or not do it at all. Choose a different area of your home for each day of the week and take it one day at a time!


Come up with a planthat includes similar tasks and product uses. For instance, even though your bathrooms may be in different rooms do them all at once! Or switch up tasks as you wait, like folding the laundry as you wait for the dishwasher to finish.

Take It Easy-

Overwhelming yourself is a recipe for disaster and just pushing through it isn't enough. Remember, if you associate cleaning with very hard and unpleasant work you'll have no incentive to do it next time. Take breaks, have a nice lunch, and get your kids involved by making it a game or include incentives!

(P.S) If you are buying or selling your home often to first task is to clean, focus on garbage and deep cleaning hidden spots before furniture and belongings come in


Do Something Once A Day

You know your schedule and what works best for you, find tactics that make your cleaning schedule easier. This could be doing a load of laundry every morning or cleaning the kitchen every night before bed. Adding small things to yourdaily routinecan help it not pile up and make cleaning an easier job.


Spring Rain

  • Do a check up on your sump pump as rain comes