Spring Is Renovation Time!

Whether you're doing renovations yourself or hiring contractors, you've got to ask yourself some realistic questions first. If you are renovating because of a disaster you may not have a choice when it comes to timing, but you do have a choice in how you remodel. We've collected all the tips and tricks to makeyour life easier.

In Style-

Of course you should always suit your home to your personal style whether it is "in style" ornot. But if you do want to keep up with morecurrent trendssome things we've seen a change in are:

  • Roller shades or thin blinds opposed to heavy curtains
  • Dark paint colors
  • Too much granite
  • Popcorn ceilings
  • Carpet everywhere

It's For YOU-

Keepyou and your families specific routines and needsin mind when considering any changes to your home. For instance, if youhave young children you may want to keep safety in mind of sharp edge or quick drop offs on stairs. Your ideas should have style andfunctionality and should not make you dailyroutines more difficult.

Project Size-

How much can you handle?If you find yourselfhaving a little extra leisure time lately, maybethere's room for a project in your schedule. We suggest creating a timeline and within that adding buffer time when things come up and when you get busy. This way you still feel motivated and don't over stress it.


What are we working with here?Are we buying some decor or redoing the whole kitchen because budget matters. If you have the money to do bigger renovations focus on the investment, kitchens and bathrooms add the most value to your home when selling. This way you get to enjoy an updated portion of your home and add some value to it in the long run.


As we've said, creating atimelineis a great step to keeping your project on schedule and in good time. You can also split up parts of the project by prep, cleaning, painting, etc., which can help youachieve the project inincrements and help you keep your eyes on the goal.

(P.S) If you are thinking of selling your home always think about the monetary value it could add and never forget what you can add to your curb appeal


On The Outside

Curb appealis one of those factors buyers look for in a new home. Landscaping can be expensive, but you can do a few things yourself to update it- Add to your garden, paint the mailbox, or even power wash your driveway to add a little extra shine to the outside of your home.


Top Fixes of 2021 (ROI)

  • Garage Door Replacement:93.8%
  • Minor Kitchen Remodel:72.2%
  • Wood Deck Addition:65.8%
  • Entry Door Replacement:65%