Hearing a mysterious dripping sound or spotting a puddle of water where there shouldn't be isn't something that you want to experience. Our homes rely on wateras long as it stays contained in a pipe, sink, tub, or appropriate appliance. But water can quickly become the enemy if it finds a way to escape its designated home and enter your living space. A leak in your home that remains undetected could cause damage to your homes structure and furnishingincreasing the risk of mold and mildew to fester if ignored for too long.

Spotting a leak isn't always easy, but there are things that you can look for to catch it on time. The professionals at DryMedic understand the importance of leak detection and are here to help. If you suspect there might be a leak somewhere in your home or you just want to make sure you never miss one, weve put together some things to look out for within your home.

The 5 Signs of a Leak

Winter in Michigan can be tough on your home for a variety of factors. Cold temperatures can cause your pipes to freeze, water heaters can break down, drains can clog from holiday usage, and water lines can burst. It's important to know how to prevent frozen pipes, as well as how to spot a leak so that you can deal with it straight away. Thankfully, DryMedic has the answers.

Your Water Bill Has Increased

As an adult, its crucial to know the estimated amount of your bills each month, especially your water bill. By checking your water bill each month, youre able to see if its remained in the same price range or increased significantly. Of course, there are some things that will naturally cause fluctuations, such as using your sprinklers in the summer or taking a longer shower in the colder months, but if you cant determine a reason for a noticeable increase, you could have a leak somewhere in the home.

Water Meter Evidence

Checking your water meter regularly will help you understand how much water youre using each month. The best way to detect if your home has a leak is to choose a day to avoid using any water for about an hour or two. Look at the numbers on the meter and write them down, then turn off all your faucets and water-using appliances. Check the numbers again in an hour to see if they've changed. If they have, it indicates a possible leak.

Discoloration On the Wall

Youre proud of your home and the wall colors youve chosen to represent your personality. But when you notice discoloration running down the wall or within a corner of the home this not only affects your aesthetic youve worked hard to achieve, but typically indicates a pipe is leaking. If youve noticed patches of discoloration on the floor, ceiling, or walls of your home, one of two things can be happeningmoisture is getting in from the outside (melting snow or ice leaking through the roof) or your pipes have frozen or sprung a leak.

A Telltale Sound

Dripping sounds aren't always easy to hear, but once you notice them, it becomes a mission to find the source. To detect a leak based upon a dripping or splashing sound, you must first acknowledge when you hear itall the time, when a faucet is turned on, running the washing machine, etc. Once youve pinpointed when the sound occurs the most, youll want to inspect the appliance, pipes, and surrounding areas. Typically these are smaller leaks that dont require too much repair, but can quickly turn into a larger problem if left unresolved.

Puddling Water

Of course, if you see a puddle where it shouldn't be, there is most likely a leak (or your dog likes to slop up water and leave a majority of it on the floor for you to find later). A leak that causes increased water pooling can happen indoors and outdoors, as your pipes to plumbing and water supply are also structurally sound within your yard.

If youve experienced standing water outside, a patch of grass that's greener than the rest, or incessant pooling in your basement or laundry area, you could have a major leak in one of your pipes.

Dont Let the Leaks Get You Down

From dripping sounds and increased bills to bubbling wallpaper and pooling water, leaks can happen at any time in any area of your home. Thankfully, the experts at DryMedic know exactly how to solve the problem. With over 20 years of experience in both commercial and residential restoration, we know how to clean up when a flood or major leak occurs. Our water and flood restoration services will help to restore your home after it has been damaged, restoring it to its former condition.

If youre ready to have our professionals evaluate your Michigan home and start our restoration process, contact us today.