Tornado Season Has Begun

While the odds of a huge tornado tearing down your home seem slim, we can assure you it's not. Whether an emergency is guaranteed to occur or not you should be prepared for anything. Always go over your emergency plans with your family as well!

Sound The Alarms-

As you can see above, there are two notifications of a tornado, a tornado watch means it is possible one may be coming and we are preparing and looking for it. A tornado warning means there is an active tornado and you should take cover immediately, this is theloud alarmyou will usually hear outside.

Take Cover-

You should always:

  • Avoid Windows
  • Shelter in the basement
  • Hide under sturdy furniture like a desk
  • Cover the back of your neck with your hands and curl up

Insurance Policies-

In most homeowner policies tornados are covered, but you should still check your particular policy. It is possible you may only have partial coverage or there may be exceptions for certain circumstances. Tornados do not tell you when they are coming which is why you should handle this before it happens not after!

Michigan Tornados-

InMichigan, tornado season is April-July, June being the peak month. An average of 16 tornadoes occur in Michigan every year. Wayne and Macomb County have experienced the most tornados of any other county since 1950.

Emergency Plan-

Like any natural disasters, tornadoes can destroy homes and communities, and sometimes in the aftermath people can be displaced. Make sure to always have secondary meeting spots, emergency kits, and a buddy system during these times. You can read more about emergency planning with your familyhere.

P.S- If you're buying a new home, make sure to talk about tornados to your homeowners insurance agent in the early stages.

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Hands Behind Neck Method

In school they used to teach you to crawl under your desk, put your hands around your neck and curl up.This method may feel silly during a drill, but protecting your main organs by curling up and your spinal cord by covering your neck is the difference between life and death. Make sure your kids know what to do!


Twister Facts

  • Tornado wind speeds can reach up to 300mph
  • Tornadoes cause an average of 70 fatalities and 1,500 injuries in the U.S. each year

  • Tornado Alley is Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Kansas, South Dakota, Iowa and Nebraska which frequents tornados the most