Are You On The Cleaning Side Of TikTok?

Popular social media app TikTok has boomed over the past 2 years, and other platforms like Instagram and YouTube have added "shorts" to watch the short videos in their platforms as well. One of the biggest categories of videos within the app is based specifically on cleaning and has over 3 billion views. From tips for unclogging you're sink with ice to full hoarder home cleanup, they've captivated an audience.

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Cleaning Myth Busters


Ice in Your Sinks Smelly Garbage Disposal-

If you put a cup of ice down the garbage disposal, let it run and then turn on the hot water on you can solve your smelly garbage disposal issue. This tip actually works because ice helps knock out hidden food and dirt inside that may be lodged in

Soak Your Shower Head-

Pour white vinegar in a large ziplock bag, place shower head in the bag and secure with a rubber band on the outside, soak for 2 hours, turn on and spray water to make sure no vinegar is still present to give your shower head a deep clean

Clean Your Mattress-

When was the last time you did this? First vacuum the mattress and sprinkle baking soda, leaving for 10 hours, vacuum again, spray with cleaning solution (a mixture of 2 cups of water, 1 cup of hydrogen peroxide, 5 drops of clear dish soap and 5 drops of essential oil) and use a toothbrush to brush out any stain spots

Unclog Your Drain-

Pack baking soda into your drain then pour white vinegar. Alone both ingredients aren't enough, but together the chemical reaction can help unclog your drain from common buildup. (Scientist approved!)


Harmful Chemical Mixes-

Many videos show cleaning with many products for every process, make sure to keep it simple to avoid chemical interactions. Bleach specifically can be dangerous to your health and a harmful one to mix.

Using Scented Cleaning Products in the Sink-

One creator showed using a scented cleaner and boiling water to allow your sink to release the clean scent into the room every time you turn on the water. Do NOT do this, as scented cleaners mixed with boiling water can cause a chemical mixing reaction that is unsafe and will not make your sink food safe.

Spraying Air Freshener Into Your Radiator-

This one seems obvious but people have copied this trend to blow dust out of their radiator and consistently put a pleasant scent through the home. Air fresheners are FLAMMABLE so we suggest using a traditional duster

Cleaning With Drills-

This feels like a fun way to get a deep clean, especially on hard water stains but along with the dirt this brushes too deep and can cause damage to your bathtub, sink, tile, etc.

Painting Over Small Amounts of Mold with Mold-Resistant Paint-

Several videos show soaking bathroom tiles that have mold with bleach- for hours. This is unsafe for your health and can also cause the molding and caulk to crack, allowing more openings for future mold.

Many also use "mold-resistant paint" which is fine for preventing but shouldn't be a solution to clean up.Mold is not visible to the naked eye until 18 days so you're never sure if its really gone.Painting over it just makes your issue worse, only repaint after a professional has removed the mold safely.

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DIY Tip:

Make your own cleaning solution! TikTok creators have also shown using the old handy cleaning product like using baking soda which is a great multi use product. Also using a solution of 1 part vinegar 1 part water can be used for multi surface cleaners.

(P.S) If you're buying a new home it is possible past homeowners have made some of these mistakes, make sure to carefully inspect walls that could have painted over mold, and pipes damaged from incorrectly used chemicals

Prevent! Prevent! Prevent!

You want items in your home to last as long as possible, use cleaning solutions and methods that don't have long term damage is the best way to keep things in good shape. Make sure to regularly do maintenance and clean up so any damage doesn't accelerate.

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Take Care Of Your Plumbing

Your plumbing works hard for you everyday, so put a little love back into it. Don't use harmful chemicals like Drano and get your plumbing inspected regularly.

If you notice any issues in plumbing, call a professional! Something that may seem small like low water pressure could be the symptom of aleaky pipesomewhere.


Go Green!

  • 24% of consumers say its important that their cleaning products be environmentally conscious
  • Making your own cleaning solutions saves you money and plastic by re-using your containers
  • 1 in 3 chemical cleaning products have an ingredient that can harm human health