What has to get done, How often and Why?

We've talked a bit about winter maintenance but here's a defined checklist for you to follow for the season and every month.

Icy Up's and Down's- This winter has been mild but we have seen the snow come, melt, and refreeze over and over. Even though we all love the warmth, this can be a problem for your pipes. Small cracks may show a small leak but the next time they freeze its possible the pressure will cause them toburst. So if you see even a small leak, address it immediately

Use Your Calendar-Any home maintenance appointments you need, whether its just regular check ups or specific to your home, like pest control should go straight into a calendar. Whatever works best for you, a physical calendar on the wall or in your phone, you prevent forgetting these when they're already in.

Cleaning Schedule-We all try our best clean but sometimes certain tasks and spots get neglected. An easy way to keep up is to do one task that could easily build up, like laundry, every day and to create a schedule so instead of overwhelming yourself with a task you are just maintaining it! On social media such as TikTok many people share their ownroutines.

(P.S) If you are looking at buying a new home you may be overwhelmed in the beginning when you have many contractors coming in for renovation and maintenance, create your priority list and try to make your appointments in batches to keep your stress low and get everything done.

Prevent, Prevent, Prevent!

Preventing mold specifically requires you to check on area where water may collect and look out for leaks, save yourself the hassle andprevent mold growth!

A way to truly prevent water damage is toprofessionally waterproof your basement. This is a key prevention method to flooded basements and crawlspaces which can save you thousands in damages and up the value of your property.

Our partners atMichigan Basementsoffer several different types of waterproofing systems and can help you prevent your basement from flooding

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Get your kids involved!

Instead of seeing them as a hassle or in the way while you clean, do it together and make it fun. It allows you to spend more time together and bond! it also teaches your children independence and createsgood habits.


Hot Spots

  • Your sink is the dirtiest part of your home
  • Your video game controller holds more germs thank your toilet
  • Sponges easily grow mold and mildew so make sure to regularly replace them or clean my putting in your dishwasher