What Do Restoration Companies Really Do After A Flood?

We pride oursleves on being a one stop shop, we come in and immediately take the reins on your homes situation. Once we connect with the insurance company our customers get to sit back and relax happily. Although we are happy to do the job while you sit back you might be curious about our actual process, so here we go!

Remediate, Mitigate, and Restore

What Do We Do?

Honestly, everything. All you really need to do is call us once you'e experience aflood, notice mold, had a fire, and need your contents removed when solving these issues. Once you call us, we take your insurance claim number and work directly with your adjuster on completing the work with them. Throughout our whole process we do explain every step and stay in constant communication when arriving to your home. It's our goal for you to understand what we do in your home as well.

When it comes to water and flooding in your home we....

Remediate: Eradicating The Threat

  • Remove All Water
  • Monitor Moisture
  • Cleaning and sanitizing
  • Finish drying process

Mitigate: More damage control, issue can't be immediately eradicated but can be minimized

  • Inspect for possible toxin or sewage in water
  • Remove water and dry out home
  • Solve immediate issues like possible broken windows
  • Remove all items from affected area
  • Determine next steps

Restore- Return Your Property to Normal

  • After remediation or mitigation is complete, assess reconstruction needs
  • Work with client to determine styles and products to be used
  • Assign contractors and schedule for each portion of job
  • Once restoration is done, clean up site

What Do We Use?

A five star crew, high quality industrial tools, and a passion to help.

What Do You Have To Do?

Nothing! We handle it all for you. If your project included reconstruction you may choose some style and product choices on returning your home to normal, and we have amazing recommendations and skilled artists to help with those decisions.

P.S- If you're buying a new home, make sure to get all water damage history to asses if you may needmold remediationor any reconstruction needs down the road.

A way to truly prevent water damage is toprofessionally waterproof your basement. This is a key prevention method to flooded basements and crawlspaces which can save you thousands in damages and up the value of your property.

Our partners atMichigan Basementsoffer several different types of waterproofing systems and can help you prevent your basement from flooding

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Basement Renovation

The basement remodel you did last year- 5 STARS! Your basement flooding and ruining all that flooring, furniture, and decor- 0 STARS! We don't suggest waterproofing for no reason, we highly suggest you take this preventative action to protect that hard work.


Your Home Refresh

  • The kitchen is the most remodeled part in the home
  • 80% of home remodels are on homes 20 years or older
  • Married people are more likely to do home renovations than single people