Selecting a company to perform the restoration for your home or business is a tough decision when in the midst of your loss. Whether your business caught fire, or the basement in your home was flooded, your instinct may be to quickly hire a restoration company to start immediately. This rushed decision can cause tremendous frustration and regret for months. For this reason, weve identified the most important factors in choosing a restoration company for your property in this newsletter.

Licensing, Insurance, Certifications

The first step in choosing a company to restore your property must be to validate the company is Licensed in the state in which your property is located. Next, ask for proof of insurance. This is a critical step in case your property is severely damaged during the restoration process, or whether someone is injured on the job site. Specific certifications are an incredible indicator of the capacity the company has. The harder the certification is to obtain, the more expertise the company has in that area. Some standard certifications that are expected of most restoration companies include Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), National Association of Mold Professionals (NAMP). If you are looking for a restoration company with more specialized experience look for a membership in the Restoration Industry Association (RIA).

Capacity (Job Size, Area of Expertise)

Has there been a natural disaster that would result in a spike in the demand for restoration services? Are you working on a large property or multiple of them? Is your situation unique for any reason? If you said yes to any of these reasons then it is important to take into consideration the capacity of the restoration company you choose. Determining the capacity of a restoration company can be made much simpler by taking a few factors into account such as:

  • Amount of Employees
  • Amount of Trucks
  • Amount of Equipment
  • Expertise in particular restoration jobs


Many companies may check off most of the boxes on this list but fail in the reputation department. The most important factor in awarding your job to a restoration company boils down to their reputation. You may save thousands of dollars and hours of frustration by simply doing due diligence. If you know anyone who employed that company in the past ask them how their experience with them was. If not, a quick check of reviews on Yelp/Google/BBB or others can give you insight on how the company operates and what values they embody.


The saying there is more than one way to skin a cat directly applies to the restoration business. Many companies can do a dry-out process on a flooded basement but how many of those companies can stand by their work months after the job was completed? Not many. While many say there is no right way to do restoration work, there is always the best way which constant;y changes overtime due advancement in methods and technologies available. It is extremely important for property owners to investigate the process used by the restoration company they choose. The best companies are constantly learning more efficient and effective ways to restore properties.

Technology, Equipment, Materials

One of the most crucial elements of restoration in the technology, equipment and materials that are used in the process. Two companies with all things equal besides these 3 elements will greatly differ in the strategy they use, the time it takes to complete the job, and the quality of the job. This is why when choosing a restoration company, it is important to take into account the level of technology employed within their jobs.

Claim Process

Customers often express to us the most difficult part of the restoration process has to do with dealing with the insurance provider. The claim process can be extremely overwhelming at times. Many of the times the insurance adjuster does not have the property owners best interest at heart. This is why it is incredibly important for the property owner to have a knowledgeable team to advise them in regard to the claim process. Some restoration companies have a depth of knowledge pertaining to insurance claims which can be leveraged on behalf of the property owner. When choosing a restoration company, this knowledge is vital in ensuring that your claims process goes smoothly.

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