Residential Restoration Services

Restore your home to its pre-loss condition with our expert residential restoration services.

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Mold, Water, Fire or Asbestos? We've Got You Covered

Quality Post-Disaster Home Remediation Services

Has your home been victim of a wildfire, flood, or other disaster? You’re not alone – the team at DRYmedic East Bay is here to help.

After a disaster strikes, getting your home back into livable condition can be difficult and emotionally draining. Fortunately, we aim to make it simple and hassle-free for homeowners to remedy affected areas of their properties. Using specialized techniques and high-quality materials, DRYmedic East Bay offers top-of-the-line, reliable damage restoration services

At DRYmedic East Bay, we understand that post-disaster home remediation is about more than just results — it's about providing a sense of security for those who have been victims of a disaster. That's why our restoration services also offer comprehensive customer support from start to finish. At DRYmedic East Bay, we believe in treating our customers like family. We know how important your abode is to you, which is why we're committed to restoring it as quickly and effectively as possible.

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Residential Mold Removal

DRYmedic East Bay is your go-to restoration service professional for residential mold removal. Our certified technicians have the experience and knowledge necessary to ensure the job is done right, while our advanced equipment and innovative technology guarantee a clean living environment.

With various treatments available for residential mold remediation, our team of professionals can find the best solution for removing harmful molds in your home, guaranteeing a safe living space for you and your family. Whether you're dealing with mold growth in your attics, basement, bathroom, or kitchen, we're prepared to tackle any issue that arises. With DRYmedic East Bay, even the most stubborn problem isn't a challenge for our team — we eliminate all traces of mold quickly, safely, and efficiently. 

During the mold treatment process, you can expect our team to:

  • Inspect your home and determine the cause of the mold

  • Assess the damage

  • Dispose of any contaminated materials that cannot be effectively cleaned

  • Remove the mold safely 

  • Perform an air quality test

Professional residential mold removal services offered by DRYmedic are essential if you want your restoration project done right without further damage or health hazard issues in the future.

If your home has been affected by mold, don't hesitate to reach out to your friends at DRYmedic East Bay today.

Our Residential Restoration Services Include:

Damage Restoration

Emergency Response

Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration

Mold Remediation

Water and Flood Damage Restoration

Wind and Storm Repair Damage

Full-Service Disaster Recovery
is just a call away

Full-Service Disaster Recovery is just a call away

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Need restoration services in East Bay? Contact DRYmedic today.

Contact Us Here

Need restoration services in East Bay? Contact DRYmedic today.

From Flooded Basements to Smoke Damage Services, We Do It All

DRYmedic East Bay is the restoration company to call when your home experiences damage. From the unfortunate events of flooded basements due to heavy rain or a nearby water main breaking to smoke damage caused by interior fires, we are available to help mitigate any disasters in your residence. Our restoration team is fully certified and backed by years of knowledge, so customers can rest easy knowing they're in good hands. By offering prompt service and top-notch results to all types of restoration needs, DRYmedic East Bay provides a reliable solution every time.

No matter the disaster, DRYmedic East Bay is here to help. Contact us today for help in restoring your home to its pre-loss condition.